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Veterans Seek To Change Medical Marijuana Rules

The largest wartime veteran’s service The American Legion published results to a survey conducted by them regarding veteran’s opinion of medical marijuana use, whether the military should cover such a treatment, among various other issues. Contained within the results, The American Legion showed of those surveyed 80% of them believed medical marijuana should be legally available to […]

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Categories: Cannabis Research, Enforcement, Health, Legalization, Legislation, Marijuana Use, Medical Benefits, medical marijuana, PTSD, Veterans

Marijuana May Help Ease Nerve Pain

Marijuana may be slightly effective at reducing chronic nerve pain known as neuropathy. But there’s little evidence on whether pot helps treat other types of pain or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a pair of new studies suggests. The findings on neuropathy “fit generally well with what we know,” said Dr. Sachin Patel of the Vanderbilt […]

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Categories: Medical, Medical Benefits, medical marijuana, PTSD

Cannabis as a Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

As long as people have gone to war, the warriors and victims have suffered horrors to their bodies and minds. Their bodies have often proven more resilient than their psyches.

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Categories: Medical, Medical Benefits, PTSD

How the federal war on marijuana is hurting veterans

The American Legion, a group representing 2.4 million U.S. military veterans, Read More


Categories: Federal, Legalization, Medical Benefits, Politics, PTSD, Veterans

A Day in the New Life of an Injured, Marijuana-Smoking Army Veteran

When photographer Balazs Gardi mentioned to army veteran Jose Martinez, 28, how California’s Read More


Categories: Legalization, Medical Benefits, PTSD

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