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Mary Jane and Politics are Becoming Fast Friends

As voters legalize marijuana state after state, politicians are starting to realize that marijuana may be good for their careers. A poll last April showed that at least 64 percent of Americans approve of legalizing marijuana and 91 percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Politicians are taking notice, and many have joined forces with marijuana advocates and are either endorsing legalizing […]

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Categories: Decriminalization, Dispensaries, Economy, Enforcement, Federal, Government, Jobs, Legalization, Legislation, Licensing, Marijuana Industry, marijuana sales, Marijuana Use, Medical Benefits, medical marijuana, Nationwide

New Jersey and Virginia Elect Pot-Friendly Governors

The election on Tuesday in both New Jersey and Virginia has elected Democrats who campaigned on legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis. Governor-elect Phil Murphy (D) will replace the current governor, Chris Christie (R). Gov. Chris Christie has been vocal about his beliefs that legalizing marijuana is “stupid” and would be a gateway to heroin and other drugs.   New Jersey could very […]

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Categories: Decriminalization, Enforcement, Legalization, Legislation, Marijuana Industry, New Jersey, Virginia

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