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Top Weed News Over The 2017 Holidays

World Health Organization Says Cannabidiol is Safe and Nonaddictive A new report from the World Health Organization says that the compound cannabidiol (CBD) in marijuana is nonaddictive and safe. The organization found that existing research demonstrates that cannabidiol is safe, well-tolerated and without the potential for abuse. More extensive research is expected in 2018 by […]

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Categories: Cannabinoid, Cannabis Oil, CBD, DEA, Dispensaries, Economy, Enforcement, Jail Time, Legislation, Licensing, Marijuana Industry, marijuana sales, Marijuana Use, Recreational

The FDA Steps Up Pressure On CBD Products

The cannabis industry has aspirations of rapid growth in sight. That is, the industry is quickly gaining momentum, capturing more and more national attention than ever before. With the cannabis industry expected to grow at 20% or more for the next – AT LEAST – five years, the landscape is changing fast for patients, consumers, […]

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Categories: Cannabinoid, CBD, DEA, Enforcement, Federal, Health, Jail Time, Legalization, Legislation, Marijuana Industry, marijuana sales, Medical Benefits, Research

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